Monday, October 17, 2011


I didn't get as lost this time, though I did get turned around a bit. And I ran into the hypochondriac again. He screamed at me about disease. I did eventually make it back to the proper room, though. There they made me wait for twenty minutes, then go back to the room, change, then wait some more. For a while it was a lot like the last visit. The doctor called me in, and after some feeling around, did an ultrasound of my breast.

That's where things began to differ. First he stuck some anesthetic into my breast. I have had the sort of localized numbing stuff before, but it is usually at the dentist. I've never had something inside my body numbed before. It was weird, and it didn't get rid of the pain entirely. I was still rather uncomfortable and I could feel the pressure from the needle.

The doctor got out a bigger needle, which he placed into the same hole and told me to stay still. I tried to, but the needle made a big clacking noise and caused a great deal of pressure. It felt like a mix between a gun and those machines people use to pierce your ears.

He did this three more times, each in the same opening that the first needle went through. After that I had to wait some more, than they had me do another mammogram. Apparently two of those needles had been trackers, and the mammogram was to make sure that they were in place and functioning. Which means I have tiny microchips in my boob now.

I have an ice pack tucked into my bra right now. There's also a waterproof bandage I'm supposed to take off in two days protecting another layer of bandages that I'm supposed to wait until they fall off. They are going to call me when they have the results.

Aside from that, I have an appointment with a doctor in three days about my stomach.

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