Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I got my ultrasounds back a few days ago. I've been puzzling through it over the weekend. It is a whole lot of things I don't understand, but from the way the doctor was talking I don't think it was good.

The ultrasound itself wasn't fun. I had to drink like a gallon of water and wait for an hour so that my bladder got really full, in which case they told me I wasn't allowed to pee.  Then they poked around with really cold gel and an uncomfortable wand thing in silence, taking pictures of weird lumps I didn't recognize at various intervals.

And then they stuck an ultrasound up my vagina. They never show that on television.

Anyway, it was an embarrasing, uncomfortable experience, and I wasn't really going to talk about it but now I'm sort of freaking out. The ultrasound, according to the nifty little papers they gave me, says that my liver does not look healthy. Despite the fact that I never drink. My gall bladder is also bigger than it should be, and there may or may not be cysts in my lower abdomen. I hear cysts and I sort of have a panic attack. I  already have to deal with my breasts, I do not need more possible cancers.

So I've got an appointment with a stomach specialist scheduled. And Thursday is when I get my mammogram. So, here's hoping that they don't find something really bad.

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