Tuesday, October 25, 2011


The stomach specialist wasn't helpful. He looked at my ultrasounds very briefly, told me that I needed to lose twenty pounds, and to stop drinking. I don't drink. At all.

He also claimed that I have IBS and that my problems with my stomach stem from that. I can get flare ups from eating certain foods. He gave me a list of things that wouldn't hurt my stomach. They mostly consisted of things such as skinless chicken and rice. No garlic. No tomatoes. No caffeine. It's going to be a hard diet to stick to.

It's hard to imagine that I'm going to have to eat only plain foods from now on until the rest of my life. That everything I try something even remotely flavorful I run the risk of extreme pain. Part of me feels like it's worth the risk. But the practical part of me thinks that maybe being layed up in bed because of the overwhelming pain is not worth forgoing burgers and dairy and soda and the like.

I got a call from the hospital. They have results from the biopsy and would like to talk to me about it. And run more tests. I have an apointment. Halloween of all days.

God I hope it's not cancer.

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